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Gateway Green Sign Purchasing Opportunity

This is a great chance to be recognized as a sponsor of this beautification aspect of Hopkinton. Read More.
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Placing a sign on the Gateway Green will give your business exposure to more than 25,000 vehicle trips per day and association with a beautiful entrance to the community that symbolizes Hopkinton as a healthy, safe, and environmentally conscious community. 

The Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce is auctioning off three sponsor signs

located on the gateway Green Median strip on West Main Street in Hopkinton by the 495 interchange. This is an opportunity for companies that do business in Hopkinton to gain exposure for their businesses while supporting the Hopkinton community and the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce.  

We welcome you to become a partner with the Chamber in this ongoing commitment that symbolizes a high standard for the town of Hopkinton.  


Five years ago, seven chamber businesses helped fund the initial construction and maintenance of this project by purchasing signs.  Unibank, The Mastroianni Family, Solect Energy, Perkin Elmer, The Sardinha family, Rosado and Sons Landscape, and Weston Nurseries were the initial were the original sponsors who funded the construction and maintenance for the first five years. 


We are now conducting another round of fundraising in order to keep the site looking great for the next five years.  Existing sign holders had the first option to purchase a five year renewal of their sign and four did.  Unibank, Solect, Perkin Elmer and Weston Nurseries are renewing their sponsorship while The Mastroianni Family, The Sardinah Family, and Rosado & Sons Landscape chose not to renew sponsorship.  This means there are three signs now availability to new businesses.  

What happens after submission?

  • The chamber will notify the winning bidders no later than February 24th at 5PM.

  • Winning bidders payments will be due in 30 days or no later than March 24, 2021.

  • The three new signs will be created and installed no later than May 15th, 2021, give or take a few days and will remain in place until May 15th 2026, give or take a few days.  

  • Billing invoices will be communicated by email.  Payments will be made online through the Chamber portal.  Future billing statement emails will be sent out annually for those choosing the payment plan option.  

  • Starting in November 2025, we anticipate starting this process all over again with existing sign holders getting first chance to renew for another five years.  

Signage Policy

The Gateway Green Committee (the “Committee”) and the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce (the “Chamber”) recognize and appreciate the value of sponsorship that helps maintain the Gateway Green as a one-of-a-kind, ongoing beautification project that showcases the gateway to the community at the 495/West Main Street intersection and cloverleaf. The benefits to the community include an aesthetically pleasing “gateway” to the community, enhancement of community pride, a calming effect on traffic, improved safety, and an overall clean image for visitors, employees, customers and residents to enjoy and take pride in.   


The Chamber objectives for the Signage Policy are:

  • To monitor, control and maintain all sponsorship signage that is erected as part of the Gateway Green project, 

  • To ensure that the signage remains legible and in good condition, and

  • To ensure that the Gateway Green project remains privately funded and sustainable through sourcing external sponsorship income.

General Guidelines

  • The signs shall be maintained at no cost to the Town.

  • The wording of signs shall not include any offensive or discriminatory language.

  • Signage sponsorship shall not be sold to advertising companies.

  • Image and text content shall be reviewed and approved by the Chamber.

  • Damage to the signs, including graffiti, shall be repaired within 30 days.


Authority to Administer Policy

The Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce will have the ongoing authority to administer and enforce the requirements of this policy.

How can you purchase a sign?

We are offering the three signs to companies who do business in Hopkinton by way of a single-bid auction.  Here is how it will work:

  • Bidding will take place via the online form that has to be filled out and returned no later than February 22nd at 5PM.

  • You will tell us how much you are willing to pay for the sign for the next five years.

You can bid two ways:

  1. One-time payment for all five years

  2. An Annual payment that will be due by the end of February for this year and for the next four years

       Minimum one time bid is $8,000 and minimum annual 
       payment bid is $2,000


  • Please note, in evaluating the bids, the Chamber will factor in a 25% premium to the annual bids versus the one-time payment bids in choosing the winning bidders.  In other words, if someone bids to pay $2,500 each year, we will look at that as the same as 10,000 now for all of the next five years.  If there is a tie, we will notify the two bidders to send us a second final bid. 

  • All sign holders must be a paid member of the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce.


Annual Bid
Please fill out this form. Minimum Bid=$2000

You must be an Up-to-Date Paid Member of the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce. This online form must be filled out and returned no later than February 22nd at 5PM to be considered.

Type of Membership

Minimum annual payment bid is $2,000.

One Time Payment Bid
Please fill out this form. Minimum Bid=$8000

You must be an Up-to-Date Paid Member of the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce. This online form must be filled out and returned no later than February 22nd at 5PM to be considered.

Type of Membership

Minimum one time bid is $8,000.

Annual Bid
One Time Payment
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